Saturday, July 19, 2008

June & peonies

Back in June, I wandered through the Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens on my way to work and nearly didn't make it. How tempting it was to just lie down in the early dawn light and just let the peonies' lush blooms open and fall down around me!

As it happens, one of my dearest friend's daughter also got married in June, and her flower was the peony. (see next story)

It would be impossible for me to show you all the gorgeous varieties, and I definitely have no idea which would be my favorite. So. Trying to be brief, here are some random photos of the peony garden in June.

'Brides Dream':


'Coral Charm':

'Nice Gal':


'Le Jour':

'Mrs. Livingston Farrand':

'Kuenu Jishia':

'Irene May Gilbert':

'President Lincoln':

'Ruth Clay':

'Many Happy Returns':

'Garden Treasure':

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