Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I've discovered some neighbours recently who think nothing of coming over unannounced and helping themselves to whatever interests them, without even saying "hi, how are you". The first time I spotted the pair, they were lolling under the apple trees in the old orchard, snacking on the windfall apples there.

This large fellow went northwards towards the back of the abandoned house on the property, leaving his pal sitting on her haunches under an apple tree, stuffing her face with apples.
I was heading out to the city in my car, and I think it was the car that finally alarmed the pal under the tree in the orchard. The pal got up then and lazily loped off toward the weeping willow tree. I wasn't going to follow, but I had rolled down my window, hoping to snap a picture. But she moved so quickly, I had no hope of getting a picture before the bear disappeared under the willow tree...
Then, the other evening, I was sitting down in the living room, taking a rest from some boring chores and doing laundry, when I noticed a movement in the back yard. What I noticed first was the shiny, thick, black fur. It had pulled the potted Swedish ivy off the deck to dig out one of the apples the squirrels are always tucking into it.
Then it headed for my garbage pail. I had been putting some of the apples I'd been raking up from the ground in the back yard into the garbage pail, meaning to dump them down at the bottom of the garden into the compost pile.
(with apologies for the quality of this shot through the glass of my patio doors!)
I think the bear's appetite was pretty sated at this point. Disappointed to find mostly weeds and dead-headed flowers in the pail, it picked up an apple from the ground in a desultory way, then strolled off down towards the lake.
Meanwhile, this is putting a crimp into my walks and runs around the fields on the farm and around Sturgeon Point. I'd love to think that the bears and I can peacefully co-exist, but I'm not too sure of the bears' intentions. I must say, I'm struggling with feelings of resentment and annoyance!



Anonymous Anthony said...

Yikes! I thought I had it rough with my local woodchuck who sits under my apple tree and eats the fallen apples. But a bear? No thanks!

11:24 a.m.  
Blogger Eva said...

Wow! I can see why you would limit the walks and runs, but what a sight to see.

10:32 p.m.  
Blogger Kati said...

eva, it is a thrill indeed -- otherwise why run for the camera?? but it does also make me nervous.

anthony, I'm struggling to be appreciative of the opportunity having the bears here presents to adopt a zen attitude...okay I admit I'm just struggling, period!

2:00 p.m.  
Blogger sisah said...

Ach Du meine Güte, fancy having a bear in my front garden, good job I live in nothern germany... though ..we had once had a boar in the opposite garden....
What will you do, I am sure they will come back to have another look if they find someting eatable in your garden, especially if they are satisfied with apples laid out for the squirrels and falling off your trees. Don´t you have a forest ranger or anyone like that to give you some advice how to behave? I´d be afraid to go into my garden and hang up the washing and to meet one of these.
The bears look quite young to me, maybe they are looking for their own territory as many young animals do.And there are two of them, another hint they might be only young, as far as I know bears lead solitary lives, so it is unsual they come as a couple into your garden.
Thank you for asking, I am alright again and will start to work again on friday.I was as surpised as you not to read anything about you on your blog until I found out you had been for a very interesting journey!

2:11 a.m.  
Blogger Kati said...

Since bears are quite common in our area, the best deterrent is to eliminate possible sources of food -- not a great idea to have apple trees or the raspberry patch so close by, eh?? ha ha ha! Generally, black bears are shy and I'm told if one encounters one, to stand still and look as big as possible, and the bear will generally run off. However, bears who become accustomed to people and their garbage are a problem in community dumps and camp grounds, etc.
I am so glad to hear you are feeling better. I've suffered a lot from depression over the years and sympathize with anybody who also struggles...meditation and yoga have been invaluable to me!

1:34 p.m.  

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