Thursday, July 20, 2006

cow-paths & thyme-walks

Did I mention that I started constructing a "thyme walk"? I didn't think it through all that thoroughly: initially, I did not realize that I was proceeding in a perpendicular direction from the patio (a left brain approach). Then, the aerial view from an upstairs window showed me the problem with that. The actual path everyone takes when heading from the patio around the back of the greenhouse is not a straight perpendicular path -- it's more like a curving cow-path. And from the upstairs window I could see that the path worn in the grass was not what I was initially following in my building project, but appeared to me to be more user-friendly.

I remember my mother often made the comments when we were driving on any curving, twisting road that it must have been built to follow a cow-path.

My philosophy is that you can't fight the natural inclination of path-walkers; you only end up with worn grass at corners etc where people and dogs take short-cuts. So, I ended up revising the shape of the path, hopefully taking a more intuitive/right brain aproach. I think it's an improvement.


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